New Girls Check Glitter Pyjamas Snoopy Peanuts - Exstore M&S Christmas - Ages 8-15 Yrs


New Exstore M&S Girls Official Peanuts Snoopy Christmas Pyjama Set. Snoopy and Woodstock feature in this delightful festive design with added details such as Snoopy's red glitter hat and scarf. 100% Cotton. Smart plaid warm elasticated pyjama bottoms to match. A wonderful Christmas Gift.

Size and Height Guides: 8/9Y up to 134cm 9/10Y 140cm 10/11Y 146cm 11/12Y 152cm 12/13Y 158cm 13/14Y 164cm Chest Sizes 14/15Y 87-91cm 

Brand and store tags may have been removed to comply with legislation for sale in the UK. Original hangers. REF96