New Girls Boys Christmas Red Fleece Hooded Loungewear - Exstore F&F Age 5-13 Y

New Unisex Hooded Christmas Loungewear. 5-13 Years. Exstore F&F. Soft, furry fleece quality loungewear with red hooded top and warm fleece trousers. Hooded Top - Reindeer Design "Oh Deer" emblem. Snowflake red and white print bottoms. elasticated waist and ribbed feet ends. Wonderful gift. 100% Polyester. Not designed for sleeping. Height Guides : 5-6Y 116cm, 6-7Y 122cm, 7-8Y 128cm, 8-9Y 134cm, 9-10Y 140cm, 10-11Y 146cm, 11-12Y 152cm, 12-13Y 158cm. New bagged and hung item. Brand and store tags removed to comply with legislation for sale in the UK. REF107-110