New Girls Maroon Gold Studded Leggings Exstore- Bagged - Sizes 2-11 Years


New Maroon Exstore Girls Studded Leggings. Bagged and new item. 92% Cotton and 8% Elastane. Smart maroon stretch leggings with gold studs running down the outside of each leg. Bag sizes listed as stated: 5 Y - 4/5y 110cm height 6Y - 5/6y 116cm height 7Y - 6/7y 122 cm height 8Y - 7/8y 128cm height 9Y - 8/9y 134cm height 10Y - 9/10y 140cm height 11Y - 10/11y 146cm height New bagged items. Brand and store tags removed to comply with legislation for sale in the UK. Inner label slightly cut for these purposes. Does not affect garment. REF30/70