New Boys Girls Christmas Furry Santa Jumper Red - Exstore George - Sizes 5-14 Years


Exstore George Asda Brand. Fabulous festive red Santa Claus Jumper. Perfect gift for boys or girls, Christmas Jumper Day or the day itself. This delightful gift has a Furry beard and a pompom attached to embellish Santa's hat. Height Guides: , 5-6Y 110-116cm, 6-7Y 116-122cm, 7-8Y 122-138cm, 8-9Y 128-135cm, 9-10Y 135-140cm, 10-11Y 140-146cm, 11-12Y 146-152cm, 13-14Y 158-164cm.

RRP £14. Fabric; 93% Cotton, 7% Polyester. No 12-13 Yrs at present.

Brand and Store Tags have been removed to comply with legislation for sale in the UK. Inner label slightly snipped. REF99/110/111