New Girls Paw Patrol Skye Soft Fleece Blanket Throw - Official Nickelodeon Merchandise

Type: Accessories

New Girls Paw Patrol Skye & Everest Stars Super Soft Fleece Blanket or Throw.

Stars, pawprints and lovables, Hot pink, turquoise and lilac, Paw Patrols Skye the Cockapoo Aviator and Everest Siberian Husky snow rescue dog - appear on this themed super soft blanket. 100% Polyester fleece giving a super soft experience of warmth and cosiness, dreamy Skye snuggles on the sofa, complimenting bedroom theme or as a warm travel companion. Size 150 x 100 cm. New sealed item. Official Merchandise. Brand and Store tags may have been removed to comply with legislation for sale in the UK.REF127/124