Privacy Policy

Personal data we collect

Are my personal details secure and what happens with them?

We have taken every measure to make our website safe and secure for your peace of mind. We use the very latest SSL encryption technology and take the security of your personal data very seriously. To check that you are in a secure area of our website, you will see a locked padlock in the bottom right of your browser. If the padlock is unlocked, you are not in a secure area and any of your personal details entered here will not be entirely safe. Your details will only be used for: Fulfilling your order and Survey purposes to improve our website for you. For more information please read our Privacy Policy. This section tells you what personal data we may collect from you when you use our Services and what other personal data we may receive from other sources.

When you register for our Services, you may provide us with:

Your personal details, including your postal and billing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and date of birth and title. Your account login details, such as your username and the password that you have chosen. When you shop with us online or browse our Websites, we may collect: Information about your online purchases (for example, what you have bought, where and when you bought it and how you paid for it), Information about your online browsing behaviour on our Websites, Information about any devices you have used to access our Services (including the make, model and operating system, IP address, browser type and mobile device identifiers), Details of the emails and other digital communications we send to you that you open, including any links in them that you click on. Your feedback and contributions to customer surveys, feedback sources and questionnaires

How and why we use personal data

It is important for us to monitor how our Services are used to detect and prevent fraud, other crimes and the misuse of services. This helps us to make sure that you can safely use our Services.

Why do we process your personal data in this way?
We want to ensure that we provide you with marketing communications, including online advertising, that are relevant to your interests. To achieve this we also measure your responses to marketing communications relating to products and services we offer, which also means we can offer you products and services that better meet your needs as a customer. You can change your marketing choices when you register with us. You also have choices when it comes to online advertising.